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Please ensure that you complete the application via the Mobicred website making sure the browser you are using is Google Chrome.
Please ensure that your application is activated before making any purchases.
These queries is dealt with by the merchant/online store where the purchase was made.
All additional payments take 24 to 48 hours to reflect on your account.
Once the merchant processes the refund, the funds will reflect on your Mobicred account immediately.
You can apply directly via the Mobicred website or by clicking on a Mobicred banner featured on one of the 55 000+ online stores accepting Mobicred at checkout.
To open an account, you’ll need to meet the following criteria: - Have a valid South African ID number. - Have an existing valid bank account, a valid email address and a RICA’d mobile number. - Be at least 18 years of age. - You may need to submit 3 months most recent bank statements or payslips.
Yes, approval of your application is subject to mobicred’s credit risk & affordability criteria, and in accordance with the National Credit Act “Responsible Lending” principles. If, for whatever reason, your application is declined, mobicred will inform you as to the main reasons for being declined.
You will need the Mobicred App to make in-store purchases at participating retailers. Download the App from Google Play or App Store. Sign in with your Mobicred details. Click on "Purchase" and follow the prompts. Your Mobicred account will be debited and you can leave the store immediately with your items once payment is successful.
You can purchase at any participating online store that offers Mobicred as a payment option. Simply select Mobicred within the checkout process. Sign in with your Mobicred details & receive a unique OTP to your phone. Enter the OTP to complete the payment.
The interest rate charged is 22.25% per annum in accordance with the interest rate permissible by the National Credit Act. Please note this interest rate is subject to change. The interest rate on your account is an annual variable rate linked to the Repo Rate and will change in accordance with changes made by the South African Reserve Bank.
This is a fee for the opening and initiation of your agreement & mobicred account.
This is a monthly charge for the monthly administration and maintenance of your mobicred account, including statements and all ad-hoc correspondence.
This is a fee that is charged to accounts which are one or more payments in arrears.
This is a fee charged for debit orders that have been returned unsuccessful by your bank due to, for example, insufficient funds.
Entering an incorrect password more than 3 times will lock your Mobicred account. You will then need to contact our service centre to have your account unlocked. To avoid this, we recommend resetting your password as soon as you realize you have forgotten it. See the FAQ: "How do I reset my password?" for instructions.
Monthly instalments, as reflected in the mobicred statement, will be deducted via Debit Order. You may also pay the outstanding balance via a direct EFT.
Your statement will be sent to you monthly via email. The statements are sent from a no reply email address and sometimes land in spam or junk mail folders.
You may change your banking and personal details on the Mobicred website yourself, or contact Mobicred via email at [email protected] or on 021 126 0700 for one of our agents to assist you.
Click on the "Forgot Password" prompt from the Mobicred Sign In page, a merchant's checkout or on the Mobicred App. Fill in your email address and click submit. You will be sent a temporary password which you can use to sign in and create a new secure password. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully to create an acceptable password. Never share your password with anyone.
Please submit your query to [email protected] with details of your concerns, your Mobicred account number and any relevant evidence.

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