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Developer Support Portal

Integration into Mobicred is simple and convenient. Allowing you to offer Mobicred as a payment option on your website with ease.

Easy Check-out Integration

Integrating into Mobicred is quick and simple with our API.

Instalment Pricing

Automatically display the credit amount at a product level using our Instalment Widget

Payment Gateway Ready

We already integrate into most major SA payment gateways.

Developer Support

Gain access to our developers for any help you might need.



To make your integration life easier, we have already integrated into most the major South African Payment Gateways.

Access to the
Merchant Portal.

The Merchant Portal is a one-stop shop for everything Mobicred. When integrating into Mobicred we will provide you with access to a test portal to ensure a smooth development process.

Mobicred Merchant Portal

Stay connected with us and we’ll send you our latest news, store offers and more.

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